Welcome to Hillingdon HS2 Residents Support Group

Hello from us, we hope you are well.

During the pandemic we have been keeping busy, holding HS2 to account. We have done this through raising issues, contact with local MPs, working in conjunction with the council, attending monthly HS2 meetings and monthly traffic meetings. We have also worked with other groups and tried to support local residents where we can.

We have had virtual meetings with the Chief Executive of HS2 and the HS2 Minister to directly raise with them the issues Hillingdon faces and to express our concerns about community engagement.

What can you do and how best to keep up to date?

Keeping up to date:

Our facebook page is very busy and full of updates and from there you can discover other groups with a different focus, by area or by environmental issues. Twitter has constant ongoing debate and news re: HS2

HS2 Ltd. have a local website which includes works that are happening or due to happen locally; visit their website for more information including dates and locations near you. You can sign up for updates on the site too.

hs2 picWhat can you do?

Make a complaint

If you have a complaint about anything to do with HS2 please do contact them and let them know.

If formal complaints aren’t made, HS2 will be able to report there are no issues in Hillingdon.

Write to our local MPs

Make sure they are aware of any way in which HS2 is having an impact on your life.Ask them what they are doing to ensure impacts are minimised. Impacts may include blight, traffic disruption, noise, loss of footpaths, distress at the scale of “vegetation clearance” in our borough.

We can only encourage you to stay active, asking both MPs to use their knowledge and understanding to deal with HS2 and the issues they cause for us all. They can only do this if you tell them how much of an issue it is for you.

As you have probably noticed we have increasing impacts in the area with trees and vegetation being removed and more obvious construction all around us. Believe us there is more and more to come.


Remember you can contact HS2 with any queries at any time. We have never been impressed with the helpdesk but you should raise issues with them, and when you are not satisfied with the response then please raise a complaint about that.

Usually we encourage you to attend local HS2 drop-in events . Due to the pandemic thsese are currently on hold. Our group along with local Residents Associations etc. are still meeting regularly with staff and representatives of HS2 through online meetings.

HS2 has a freephone number for enquiries – it is 08081 434 434. Please use this to ask for any information or to check anything at all. If you wish to share any information or any issues you encounter using the enquiry line, please contact us or share on our Facebook group. The best thing you can do is log any issue as an official complaint. If you don’t get a satisfactory response then escalate your complaint. If we don’t officially complain then all issues disappear and we are reported as a successful area.

Use this link to see the latest HS2 updates from Hillingdon Council

We are affiliated to STOP HS2 and support the work carried out by HS2 Action Alliance. Check out and join our group for updates and discussion, and follow us on Twitter @HillingdonHS2RSG