Welcome to Hillingdon HS2 Residents Support Group

Sept 2019

There is so much going on regarding HS2 right now, to name a few key things –

  • Local MP Boris being our new PM and launching a review into the project. We have built a relationship with him since 2011, as Mayor, MP and now PM, and we know, he knows how flawed HS2 is. He needs to hear that from you too! The more voices the better.

All of this is keeping us very busy, as we attend meetings with HS2, assist with press requests (see us soon in the Wall Street Journal, and recently on BBC and ITV news), hopefully you have spotted our new banners around the area too. We are planning to meet with Boris in September, and with other local politicians.

Apart from keeping up with all the HS2 news (which is becoming a full time job) the main thing we would ask of you, would be to keep the pressure up – put in complaints to HS2 about anything that you are not happy about, contact your MP informing them of how HS2 is affecting your life and pressure Boris to scrap the project altogether.

And please keep in touch with us, the best way is via our facebook group

Please keep an eye out for Joe Rukin of Stop HS2 who has been appearing everywhere putting the HS2 lobbyists straight. Keep up with his adventures via the Stop HS2 website.


You can find dates for the HS2 Community Engagement Team drop-ins here. (Please note these are run by staff and representatives of HS2).

Please do go along and ask them questions and ask for written information about how HS2 will affect you now and in the future.

HS2 Ltd. have a local website which includes works that are happening or due to happen locally; visit their website for more information including dates and locations near you. You can sign up for updates on the site too.

HS2 has a freephone number for enquiries – it is 08081 434 434. Please use this to ask for any information or to check anything at all. If you wish to share any information or any issues you encounter using the enquiry line, please contact us or share on our Facebook group. The best thing you can do is log any issue as an official complaint. If you don’t get a satisfactory response then escalate your complaint. If we don’t officially complain then all issues disappear and we are reported as a successful area.

Use this link to see the latest HS2 updates from Hillingdon Council

Hillingdon Against HS2 are still very much active but our remit has changed.
In order that we we can engage with HS2 Ltd. and their contractors in a productive way, we have decided we will now be representing you by becoming known as HIllingdon HS2 Resident Support Group in conjunction with our work with Hillingdon Council and local Resident Associations. We continue to be an active part of Stop HS2 and the national campaign.

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What you can do to stop HS2

We are affiliated to STOP HS2 and support the work carried out by HS2 Action Alliance. Check out and join our group for updates and discussion, and follow us on Twitter @HillingdonHS2