Welcome to Hillingdon Against HS2


Election candidates stance on HS2- read more here

Uxbridge and South Ruislip Hustings (10/3/2015) – see our view on what the candidates said about HS2 here.

HEATHROW SPUR WILL NOT BE BUILT IN PHASE 1 OR PHASE 2 (March) – after being put on hold in 2013 it is now official (as it gets with HS2) that the Heathrow Spurs will not be built in phase 2 either. So now all efforts to extend the tunnel, save HOAC and protect quality of life for all that live, work and travel through Hillingdon. 

We urge all to push for the related works to be dropped from the hybrid bill so please get in touch with your MP about this ASAP.

Please read more details here and remember as things stand the hybrid bill includes building passive provision for the spurs (that may never be built) and that means more landtake and more construction across a wider area – until that wording is removed!

Heathrow spur 09032015

COLNE VALLEY PETITIONERS START FROM TODAY (10 MARCH 2015) – watch online at parliament tv

Statement from Hillingdon Council – (9/2/2015) –  regarding use of West Ruislip depot for HS2 construction. Please see it here.

HS2 construction Petitioning Meeting – (21/01/2015) – Great turnout at The Civic Centre today for the HS2 petitioning meetings – we hope that everyone who attended found it informative and useful. For anyone who didn’t make it – or who petitioned and didn’t know about the meetings, please message us with your email address and we can forward the slides and notes to you. If you are a petitioner and haven’t already alerted us or The Council to your petition PLEASE also message us with your petition number to help us collate a comprehensive list and make sure you are included in all future support that we and Hillingdon Council will be offering. (info@ruislip-against-hs2.co.uk). Please check our petitioning page as and when you can.

Compensation Announcement – (16/1/2015) – visit our compensation page. Take time to read this plain English summary of the announced packages. The property bond supported by most of those affected by the route was not actioned and nothing seems to have changed since the consultation last year. Residents in the tunnelled areas have no entitlement to compensation, just the measures previously announced in 2013.

Property comp infographic version a4 V1411_v4

Select committee visit – (15/1/2015) the committee visited HOAC, Harefield and Ickenham and parts of Ruislip last week. There was a great turn out from local residents to how how much the impacts of HS2 are affecting peoples lives. Visit our news item,  facebook group (Ruislip Against HS2) for pictures or see our twitter feed @HillingdonAHS2

The Gazette has an article about the day and Nick Hurd has written a blog about it. Both are full of pictures.

the greenwayharefield marinabrackenbury houseHOAC

Tunnel Reports – (8/1/2015) new research supports that the Colne Valley route should be tunnelled Petitioning.

December 8th – Ruislip and Hillingdon Against HS2 met with Boris Johnson to ask him about his views on HS2 – we asked him lots of questions and let him know the local concerns about the scheme, the area and the need for him to clearly state his position. His official statement is: ” Boris Johnson, Prospective Parliamentary candidate for Uxbridge & S Ruislip recently met the leading figures in the Ruislip Against HS2 campaign. He listened to the continuing concerns about HS2’s lack of detail on the effect of any pre work and during actual construction, noting in particular the impact on West End Rd near to Ruislip Gardens. Boris said, ” I can reaffirm my opposition to this scheme unless we can be satisfied beyond doubt that any proposed mitigation builds upon the success we have already achieved by having the route tunnelled through Ruislip. Defeat the need for the Heathrow spur and the tunnel can then go beyond Harefield. My support is also conditional on a suitable direct link to HS1″.  There is also an article on the Gazette website.

November 25th – coverage of HS2’s impact on Ickenham and Ruislip on BBC News

November 10th – Recent news regarding HS2 Ltd recruiting a Residents Commissioner has caused upset and concern for residents affected by the scheme…  see more here

November 3rd – A new petition has launched by London council leaders and MPs. Urging the government for a fair deal for London. Please pledge your support here.

Cross Rail visit – members of Hillingdon Against HS2, requested a visit to an actual construction and tunnelling site over a year ago. In May 2014 the visit finally took place. It was very upsetting to see the scale of the construction, and the proximity to homes, some of which is similar to what will take place in Hillingdon. See the Stop HS2 article about it here.

Read our previous news stories here.

What you can do to stop HS2

Hillingdon Against HS2 is working to save our local communities from the devastation and disruption the High Speed Rail 2 project could create. The government wants to use at least £42 billion of your money to build a new high speed rail line from London Euston non-stop to Birmingham and beyond. That is £42,000,000,000!!! This price DOES NOT include the trains!! There is still lots to be done to overturn the HS2 proposals and we still need your help. There is a never-ending source of stories on HS2 in the media on our facebook page, please join in to keep up to date. The biggest infrastructure project in the UK, and the most expensive railway in the world, HS2 will hurtle through parts of Ruislip, Ickenham and Harefield at speeds of up to 300kph, causing residents loss of properties, businesses and leisure facilities. A link to Heathrow in phase 2 of the HS2 project may wreak further chaos and devastation on our borough, particularly South of the A40. It could mean up to 10 years of construction work, and local residents will be effectively living in a huge building site during this time. Please look at this website for ideas on how you can get involved and help.We are affiliated to STOP HS2 and support the work carried out by HS2 Action Alliance. Check out and join our Ruislip group for updates and discussion, and follow us on Twitter @HillingdonAHS2. 20140526-225919-82759024.jpg

18 Responses to Welcome to Hillingdon Against HS2

  1. Andy says:

    I would like to know how the HS2 project is viable given the Agenda 21 policies now in place in respect of sustainable development. Surely HS2 does not fit in with Agenda 21?

    • Sadly some people would say it is part of Agenda 21, although we agree what HS2 and the DfT class as sustainable is not what we would call sustainable.

      • Andy says:

        Many thanks for the reply. I believe you maybe right. The removal of housing obviously removes the people, which is their goal. HS2 is another means to and end. If they wanted to improve the economy of the country they could spend 32 billion pounds on creating cheaper cleaner energy for us all.

    • Julia Deals says:

      My understanding of Agenda 21 leads me to think that HS2 is totally in keeping with it……and therefore should be avoided at all costs.Agenda 21 does not appeal to me at all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5dvBHTwW4o

  2. I have been on benefits since 1990*
    following a brain-heamorrrhage*
    as one of the so called scroungers!
    I object to the way money is wasted*
    when it could be used for an ageing population!
    the coalition knows there is a care-crisis looming*
    yet are happy to sit back and watch*
    bring back Maggie!
    she had compassion*
    this lot could not even spell it*

  3. A concerned resident says:

    What is the impact going to be on current and future generations in this locality. Just think about a pupil going to Ruislip High School. A new school funded and built a few years ago and here we are wondering whether pupils are going to be sitting in noisy vibrating classrooms, or are going to have to walk to school through muck churned out on the roadside by dirty lorries, as we saw with the lorries using Lime Trees over the past couple of years. If you go to the centre of London you will see Victoria Station is being enlarged – much of it underground but the inconvenience from the construction over ground as part of that is significant. HOAC – a fantastic environment for people in the local and wider community to enjoy a range of healthy sports – just the sort of thing which the 2012 Olympics Committee hoped would be the legacy of the Olympics – sport for all, a healthier society. Where is the detail ? I took a business trip to Birmingham a couple of weeks ago. I went from Watford Junction to Birmingham. Watford – 20 minutes from here – and the train journey took 1 hour 5 mins which is a perfectly reasonable amount of time for a business journey. Many businesses and organisations conduct meetings city to city via video or telephone conferencing anyway. What would be the cost of travelling on a new train service which has cost so much to develop? The cost of my trip was around £ 70.00 return and even that is not a reasonable cost for most ordinary budgets; I would love to know the projected cost of a train journey via HS2. The local community is being let down hugely by the politicians and investors supporting HS2.

  4. Alexander Malcolm says:

    I have read the draft environmental statement re hs2. If one rearranges the acronym hs2 one comes up with h2s. The latter is also the chemical symbol for hydrogen sulphide and it occurs to me that there is a strong similarity between hs2 and h2s. The latter is an extremely volatile and explosive gas with a repulsive odour (similar to wrotten eggs) This is where the similarity between the two can be seen. Both hs2 and h2s STINK and the effect on the environment will be catastrophic in my view. This government appear to be following the mistakes of the previous administration re a proposal to close Harefield hospital. Several million £ of taxpayers money was wasted in a consultation process when everyone and their dog was telling the government Harefield must not close, yet they went ahead blindly with the consultation and only at the 11th hour realised the public’s reasoning was more sensible and Harefield survived. I wish the campaign to stop hs2 is eventually successful.

  5. helen fanshawe says:

    have written an anti HS2 poem, which I would like to add to your campaign. Can you let me know the best way for me to do this?

    • Hi Helen

      That sounds fabulous – please send it to info@hillingdon-against-hs2.com and then we will share it for you.

      Thanks again

      • helen fanshawe says:

        my son, who lives in Ickenham Road, near Ruislip,, has received an invite to a meeting at the Barn. His property is apparently now at risk from the HS2 line. Do you have any information on this? have they rerouted the tunnel?

      • If he received the leaflet then he was invited to the Barn as he is within an amount of metres of the line that the government have decided to write to.
        This does not necessarily mean he is directly affected.
        If he has any doubts he should attend the event, look at the most up to date maps (see our maps page for links) and come and see us on the 14th of Oct at the Ruislip Rugby Club as well. He could ring HS2 Enquiries too.
        The tunnel has not been re-routed but as HS2 do more work sometimes new properties may become affected. However, receiving a leaflet does not mean that is the case. A letter may be more serious – so he could bring that along on the 14th and also talk to your local councillor and MP.

  6. Manchester business bosses say its the vocal minority that oppose HS2 and are so confident they have set up an electronic vote

    The vote below is at 57% against HS2 at the moment which will throw them.

    Click the link and vote “NO” and we can reduce tax, increase hospital spending and so much more !!


  7. Peter Baxter says:

    How to build the best High Speed railway.

    It is proposed that Britain’s poorest people finance a high speed train in a Tunnel for the rich users.

    I think that if we approached our European Allies Germany we could build a system that would lead the world using their tried and tested Maglev trains.
    I would build these trains above Britain’s existing train lines.

    Magnetic levitation trains (maglev) systems by the German Transrapid are built as straddle-type monorails, as they are highly stable and allow rapid deceleration from great speed. At full-speed operation maglev trains hover over the track and are thus not in physical contact with it at all.

    The maglev is the fastest train of any type the experimental SCMaglev having recorded a speed of 581 km/h (361 mph). The commercial Shanghai Maglev Train has run at 501 km/h (311 mph).

    They have a braking system that is the best in the world.

    I believe if Britain gave the go ahead to build this train above the existing rail track the stock market would fund it and we can simply sell shares in it.
    We don’t have to fleece the poor to do this.

    If the existing rail companies refuse to allow the Maglev trains to be built then we can build them over motorways it will probably be cheaper to do this but that will need new stations.

    This is my proposal that I believe should be considered against the idiotic idea of a tunnel. Let the people choose they want the people to pay then let them choose.

    Mr Peter Baxter

  8. A Nursery Rhyme for our Politicians by Peter Baxter

    The HS2 runs down the track and she blew
    The HS2 runs down the track and she blew
    The HS2 runs down the track blowing seventy billion and that’s a fact
    And she blew blew blew blew.

    The conductor said we are going down a tunnel and she blew
    The conductor said we are going down a tunnel and she blew
    The conductor said lets go down a tunnel and pound notes blew out the funnel
    And she blew blew blew blew

    The engineer laughed and rang his bell and she blew
    The engineer laughed and rang his bell and she blew
    The engineer laughed and rang his bell taking them all straight to hell
    And she blew blew blew blew

    Their children are all weeping now and she blew
    Their children are all weeping now and she blew
    The children all say they feel ill because they have to pay the bill
    And she blew blew blew blew

    Some good news to end my song and she blew
    Some good news to end my song and she blew
    Some good news to end my song they had taken the coalition along
    And she blew blew blew blew

  9. Bryan Paul Tomlinson says:

    If HS2 was helping other parts of the UK more than London, it should start in Leeds and work south.
    In reality HS2 is a EU project, implemented by global businesses that fund our political non entities.
    Win win for The Establishment elitists but devastation to anyone in it’s path (except Gideon Osborne’s constituents in Tatton).

  10. Mr P.Weatherley says:

    We do not want HS2, with all the waist of time and Money.
    We need longer platforms & Trains with better local connections

  11. william salha says:

    I can’t see any reason why should we have this HS2.
    1- creating more jobs??? You are creating jobs which are not needed. And will be used by very very few people. ( camouflaged unemployment)
    2-Train fares are already very expensive so many people are using buses and couches instead.
    3-Billions of pounds will be wasted with a very little money in return.
    4-Lots of disruption is going to happen.
    so pleeeeeeease STOP HS2

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