Members of the Harefield Tenants and Residents Association work tirelessly to ensure Harefield has a voice when it comes to HS2.

To visit the HOAC website click here

The following section of the page is from a few years ago:

If HS2 proceeds EVERYBODY in Harefield will be affected during the construction. Harefield could be inaccessible for periods of time over at least SEVEN YEARS.

Harvil Road, Moorhall  Road, Breakspear Road and Park Lane will be burdened with hundreds and at times thousands of construction vehicles over 7 years.  Swakeleys Road and the North Orbital -already jammed at rush hour – will also suffer considerably.

HOAC will be lost as a huge concrete viaduct is built across Harvil Road into the HOAC site and across the lake. The houses and workshops on Dews Lane will be affected and some buildings demolished. There are also obvious concerns about the Dogs Trust site. A electrical substation is also being built in Harefield.

3 years in and the government has not yet found an alternative site for HOAC!

All of these issues combined with an intense concentration of construction sites around the village, disruption of access to and from local hospitals, emergency services and schools. This will affect everyone in the village. There could also be added health risks from air, noise and water pollution during the construction phase.

This environmentally damaging route was chosen as it was the straightest line on a map and therefore quicker. Now the government has decided speed does not matter for High Speed 2 they are failing to revisit the route and minimise impacts.

Action must be taken now before the character of Harefield and the surrounding area is destroyed forever.

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