Ruislip against HS2 was an official Action Group from January 2011. Forming part of Hillingdon Against HS2. The Hillingdon group is now known as Hillingdon HS2 Residents Support Group.

Ruislip Against HS2 was born out of frustration of so little being done in the local area to address the problems we faced with the proposal of HS2.

It started with a few neighbours getting together to discuss the implications of a massive, new rail infrastructure being built through our community.

Our main aim has always been to raise awareness, throughout our surrounding area, of the impact HS2 will have on us all.

However, despite the fact the plans for HS2 have been in the public domain for over a year, there is still a massive lack of knowledge amongst local residents.

We have found that even when people have heard about HS2, very few understand the implications.  So we concentrate our efforts on highlighting the impact HS2 will have on our local community.

We are grateful to also have a representative from Ruislip Residents Association working as part of the group.

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