Pre Registering for Settlement Deeds

 In 2016 Keri Brennan appeared on behalf of residents close to the Ruislip tunnel, at the House of Lords Select Committee to try to get a better deal. You can watch the footage here
Unfortunately the outcome has not improved but we are entitled to pre-register for a ‘settlement deed’
Only a few properties are eligible for ‘before and after surveys’ which is a concern.
At the moment anyone who’s property is expected to be affected by less than 10mm of settlement is not eligible for the surveys – if the line of deviation brings the line closer to us on final plan, more people may be entitled.
Despite HS2Ltd saying you do not need a settlement deed in order to be able to benefit from their assurances that they would remedy (or pay to remedy) any issues caused by tunnelling works.  We would strongly urge you to register for one anyway. At the moment it is pre-registration only.
You can do this by ;
Providing the name and address of the applicant
An email address and/or telephone number for future communication
Address of the building or part of the building for which the Settlement Deed is required.
Information should be sent:
by post, marked ”HS2 Phase One Settlement Deed pre registration” to
HS2 Ltd, One Canada Square,London, E145AB
If you want more detail please read the details in this document –

Please do share the information with neighbours.