HS2 Maps

26th June 2014 – new maps have been released today showing the updated safeguarding areas (the 3rd set so far) – view them here 

The most up to date detailed maps were  released as part of the Environmental Statement consultation in Nov 2013.

The map book can be downloaded by clicking on this link  – MB6_VOL2_CFA06_WATERMARKED

A supporting report book can be downloaded by clicking on this link – Volume_2_CFA6_South_Ruislip_to_Ickenham

The map book for Harefield can be downloaded by clicking on this link  – MB7_VOL2_CFA07_WATERMARKED

A supporting report book can be downloaded by clicking on this link – Vol_2_CFA_7_Colne_Valley

There are many more supporting documents that can be found online or in South Ruislip, Ickenham and Harefield libraries.

These maps were released in Sept 2013 as part of the compensation consultation.

You can also view these maps launched in Sept 2013 by the CPRE to see the possible impact of construction and operation of HS2.

The official safeguarding maps are available here.

A map that shows potential disruption to Hillingdon during construction is available by clicking here

traffic map

Since the maps below were published in 2012 an Ealing tunnel has been proposed changing the first map (Northolt). Other tweaks have been made and will be evident in the new maps when they appear as part of the Environmental Statement.

These are the detailed maps of the route through Hillingdon approved by the Secretary of State in January 2012:

HS2 Map Northolt start of tunnel

HS2 Map Grand Central Ave and Victoria Rd

HS2 Map Sainsburys to Trenchard Ave

HS2 Map Bridgwater Rd to Ruislip High

HS2 Map Roundways and Herlwyn Avenue

HS2 Map Herlwyn Avenue to West Ruislip Station

There are only larger scale maps available from this point onwards:

Main Map South Ruislip to Ickenham

Main Map Harefield and HOAC

An estate agent has created these aerial view video maps of the whole route

HS2 have now published their preferred option for the Heathrow Spur although this is “suspended” until 2015 at least. You can find the map and more details here.

Draft Safeguarding maps were used as part of the compensation and safeguarding consultation 2012-2013. As soon as final maps are published we will upload them – but this may not be till summer 2013. Until then no properties are safeguarded.

Further comment (Sept 2013) – no new maps have been issued yet, however, safeguarding letters have been sent to residents if their property is safeguarded.

2 Responses to HS2 Maps

  1. exhaust from enormous amount of traffic entering ickenham and ruislip from the M40 at swalke;ys roundabout will undoubtedly cause enormous respiratory problems for lacal resiidents but HS2 does not care about this providing that they get their way. to hell with expense and residents health

  2. mair lloyd benetti says:

    I was bought up in Harefield and now live in Suffolk, this weekend I realised the impact the route will have on Harefield and other areas of Hillingdon.I feel very upset and outraged by this proposal which I feel is unnecessary and economic madness.

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