How to complain to HS2

Why should you register a complaint

We know that HS2 works are already having a detrimental impact on our local communities and causing all sorts of problems. From traffic disruption, light pollution and noise to environmental damage and property blight. However HS2 is affecting you, please make sure you register all complaints with HS2 Ltd in order to help us to fight for better working practices from HS2’s contractors and improve mitigation. It’s important to register official complaints as the number of resident calls and emails are logged, then statistics are collated to reflect how ‘well’ the project is going in Hillingdon.We know that very few complaints are being counted here, so an accurate level of problems caused by HS2 is not being recorded.
How to complain about HS2 issues.
Your first step is to call or email the HS2 Ltd Help Desk open 24 hours

    Freephone 08081 434 434
    Minicom on 08081 456 472

It’s really important to state that you are making a complaint so ask for a reference number for your complaint – likewise an enquiry.If you are not satisfied with the response, escalate your complaint.

It’s always a good idea to copy your MP and local counsellors for a quicker response and to ensure they are aware of the problems HS2 are causing.

Escalating complaints

For any construction related issues,contact the HS2 Construction Complaints CommissionerSir Mark Worthington

For any property related issues, contact the HS2 Residents Commissioner Deborah Fazan

It’s useful for us to be aware of HS2 issues that are affecting residents across Hillingdon so if you would like to include us in any of your complaints or enquiries to HS2 please do copy any correspondence to us at