What do I need to know about the ES?

This consultation is now closed – see our response here




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HS2 Ltd have launched a final environmental consultation for Phase 1, revealing even more devastating details of the shocking impact the High Speed Rail link will have on our local area and community. The construction and operation of the line will cause serious disruption to everyone living, working, travelling or commuting around Northolt, the A40, Ruislip, Ickenham and Harefield. If you thought HS2 wouldn’t affect you – think again!

 If you are directly affected in any way you need to respond to this consultation, raising your concerns and then you must petition (we can help) to get them to consider/agree to your request. There will only be a short window to petition so get in touch with us (info@ruislip-against-hs2.co.uk) so we can keep you posted.

Plans include a viaduct approximately 3.4km long in Harefield plus electrical substations, the loss of HOAC, 1,360 HGVs trips a day on Harvil Road for up to 10 years, a concrete factory near Harvil Road, homes permanently affected by noise & 3m high spoil dumps around Breakspear Road South, Harvil Road and Newyears Green Lane.

HS2 state that “The main local roads affected by the Proposed Scheme are Harvil Road and Breakspear Road South which both lead to the A40 via B467 Swakeleys Road, High Road Ickenham, Ickenham Road, High Street, Breakspear Road and Ladygate Lane.”

Many local roads will be affected for years, some for months and as they are affected other roads and routes will become busy and congested. Noise and air pollution travels so if you are near these roads or use them (which let’s face it we all do) then you need to respond to this consultation.


·           “major adverse effect on the amenity of residents, which is significantand absolutely no benefit or gain from HS2 to any affected local community.

·           “Major Adverse” effects including visual, noise and destruction caused by the construction and use of a 3.4km concrete viaduct in Harefield.

·           “Major Adverse” effects from increased traffic on many important residential roads & commuter routes in Ickenham, Ruislip and Harefield. The monetary value of increased congestion & loss of time does not appear to have been evaluated.

·           Substantial Adverse”effects of Nitrous Dioxide (NO2) on important residential roads & school travel routes. You must be aware that increased diesel particulates and N02 emissions are a considerable health hazard for the school children who use these routes, as well as being hazardous to people with asthma. “temporary significant effects”of NO2 in other local areas.

·           “Significant”effectsfrom construction noise for thousands of residents for up to 10 years. As well as continuing noise for those near to the route afterwards.

·            “Major Adverse” effects at important community facilities such as footpaths, Blenheim Care Centre for the elderly, Ruislip & Haste Hill golf clubs, Ruislip Rifle Club and the Hillingdon Outdoor Activity Centre (used by thousands of children annually, including many disadvantaged children).

·           Plans for sustainable placement of materials – 3m high in local fields’ i.e. the permanent dumping of waste across green belt fields in Ickenham and Harefield with the associated noise and pollution issues plus despoiling and forever changing our landscapes.

·          Concerns about the treatment of contaminated soils and storage of contaminated material in a site between Harvil Road and Breakspear Road South.

·           Concerns about impacts on properties from tunnelling and vibration both during construction and operation.

·           Concerns over hours of operation / traffic

One solution would be to extend the tunnel beyond Harefield or Ickenham.


We have put together a postcard response form to help you reply please collect from your local library.

It would be better to write a personal response by post or email please visit the library, our drop-ins or the gov.uk website for more information. There is a response form available or you can email comments. Please copy us on your response.

If you are personally and directly affected by these plans you can petition parliament in 2014 for £20 to ask for improvements / amendments to the scheme. For instance that lorries only use your road at certain times of day, for better noise insulation or to get a construction compound moved.

We will run drop ins nearer the time about petitioning BUT If you do not raise your concerns / suggestions during this consultation, then it is less likely that the petition will be agreed to.


We urge you to put real pressure on your MP as the HS2 Hybrid Bill needs to be stopped! Local MPs will not be representing our communities if they vote for this bill. Please write directly to or email your MP to tell them you expect them to do more to Stop HS2 and to vote against the HS2 Hybrid Bill.

www.highspeedrail.org.uk/ is a really useful and easy website that generates letters to your MP for you. Please ask friends and family, all over the country to email too. Many MPs need to vote against the Hybrid Bill.

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