Compensation and Safeguarding Consultations

The Consultations are now closed. Thank you to everyone who responded.

Here are Ruislip and Hillingdon’s joint responses:

Property and Compensation Response – Hillingdon & Ruislip Groups 31Jan2013

Safeguarding Response – Hillingdon & Ruislip Groups 31Jan2013

We have also attached below the joint responses from the 3 Hillingdon MPs.





The government has announced plans for safeguarding land along the proposed route of HS2 and also a compensation consultation. This is their announcement.

We have now had our roadshow and you can read all about it here and find a link to BBC coverage.

The consultation is here and we have some advice on how to respond here. We have freepost postcards to help you respond quickly and easily if you wish to use them – more here on how to get some.

The maps are here for that consultation, maps 13-17 cover the Hillingdon area.

The different safeguarding maps are here, maps 13-17 cover the Hillingdon area. The aim of safeguarding is to ensure that new developments along the route do not affect the government’s ability to build or operate HS2, or lead to additional costs.

Do send us any questions

Our initial reaction is here and lists the 10 things we found wrong with it already! We are sure the list will grow much longer.

We will be poring over the plans and taking advice before releasing advice on the consultation response to residents.

Coverage in the media

our own Lottie Jones on ITV talking about the compensation consultation

the Gazette coverage

BBC website

The Independent

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