Voice for the Voiceless

Published on the Gazette website on the 18th of May 2011
THIS week, if there isn’t already enough going on for Ruislip Against HS2’s volunteers, with HS2 technical seminars, Ken Livingstone’s meeting for Ruislip residents, writing new leaflets, updating our website, Ruislip Woods Festival and Denham’s alternative HS2 roadshow (as they didn’t get an official one!) we also have to put up with being insulted by Professor Begg.

He not so subtlely says in his latest blog (Busting the myths and misinformation of the opposition campaign): “What is unreasonable, however, is the misrepresentation and exaggeration of some of the key facts by certain opposition elements in order to scare local people into opposing the project.”

I can think of lots of things related to HS2 that are unreasonable, but local people informing other local people about HS2 is not only to be expected but surely laudable?

Considering HS2 Ltd has never written personally to those directly affected about how they are affected, someone has to do it!! As there is a total lack of benefits to the affected parts of the borough, and lots of losses of homes, facilities and beautiful lakes and countryside, you don’t need to exaggerate – just state the facts.

I am very careful to never say anything that is not based in fact, or research or that is in the press, depending on what it is.

I use language carefully, with lots of ‘mights’ and ‘maybes’ when something is possible not definite. A lot of what I have quoted was direct from HS2 or DfT officials. It is all true. Their own documents carry a disclaimer that they cannot guarantee they are ‘complete, accurate or useful.’

You might want to take the Yes To HS2 blog with a pinch of salt if you are a local resident or ‘just’ a taxpayer.

It is also worth pointing out, in line with last week’s maps printed in the Gazette regarding the HS2 link to Heathrow that may cause further devastation to the borough, that Begg is a non-executive director of BAA.

Funny that he is campaigning for a train that will go to Heathrow then. He probably wants a third runway too.

I may have an interest in raising awareness and supporting my local community regarding an issue that also personally affects me, but he has a cold, hard financial interest in HS2.

If I was a local resident (who wasn’t me), I know who I would want to get my information from.

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The most important way to have your say is to reply to the consultation at http://highspeedrail.dft.gov.uk/

Hillingdon council have given some guidance on how to respond at http://www.hillingdon.gov.uk/index.jsp?articleid=22901 but please personalise your response so it is individual – this is your only chance to have a say!! Sign the on-line petition at www.gopetition.com/petitions/stop-hs2.html

Visit our website for more information www.ruislip-against-hs2.co.uk

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