HS2 tunnel boring machine power cable works through Ruislip, Eastcote & Harrow

HS2 will be laying a power cable from Harrow to West Ruislip to power the Tunnel Boring Machine they need. Work is expected to take around  a year and start in “Q3”. Discussions are ongoing with Hillingdon and Harrow Councils, TfL and a local Traffic Liaison Group.

hs2 map overview.PNG

Maps of HS2’s proposed route available here.

There was a power supply available closer but HS2 failed to secure that supply in time due to their sign off processes and are now spending an reported £20 million (by Boris Johnson in the Telegraph) and causing lots of disruption for around a year on local roads. HS2 say it won’t cost £20 million.

South Ruislip Residents have recently had a presentation from HS2 on this matter and you can read their report about it here. There was a PowerPoint presentation used by HS2 that you can view here.

We have asked HS2 to follow the tube route from Rayners Lane to at least Ruislip or as close to West Ruislip as possible, but they have ruled that out and insisted it has to be via roads. We hope that decision will be reviewed.

They have chosen to use residential roads to avoid disrupting main roads as much as possible but the route does pass across many of our main roads. We queried this and got this response:

“There will be a section of Ruislip High Street and Field End Road that will need to be crossed. The works on these roads are not expected to take longer than four weeks and will utilise a single lane closure. Measures will also be taken wherever possible to reduce the length of time of the works in a particular location.”

We have highlighted on maps where all the local schools are to encourage them to avoid extra disruption close to schools. Whether that will pan out or not we have no idea.

Local residents are concerned not only about the disruption but also about the level of electricity that will be carried by the cable close to their homes. See the SRRA website for detail on the voltage but in summary the cable 33kv and 20MVA (1MVA powers 250 domestic properties).

Remember other closures and disruption to our roads are planned on other key routes (e.g. Breakspear Road South 8 week closure planned for early summer) so this is just one element of the chaos we face across our area.

This slide shows just an element of the chaos to follow when work starts on utilities in Ruislip:

hs2 slide.PNG

Affected roads for this disruption include:


Farm Avenue
Rayners Lane
Whittington Way
St Michael’s Crescent
Cannon Lane
Cannonbury Avenue
Rushdene Road


Rushdene Road
Deane Croft Road
Meadow Way
Hawthorn Avenue
Lime Grove
Myrtle Avenue
The Uplands
Westholme Gardens
Manor Way
Ickenham Road

(note this is HS2’s list and they haven’t included the main roads they will be crossing in this list)

You can access the maps of the route here.

Last edited early 2019 – please contact HS2 or attend an event or drop-in for more up to date information