West Ruislip / Ickenham HS2 Tunnel Update

HS2 Ltd have been visiting us again. Hillingdon and Ruislip Against HS2 attended the Colne Valley meeting early in September where it was revealed that there is more bad news for Harefield and Denham than we feared.Harvil Road will take take the brunt of disruption as not only will it have to be realigned but there is likely to be a construction site plus a possible 100m x 100m electricity substation to be added into the plans.There’s no let up for HOAC ,with Dews Lane having to be widened for construction equipment meaning the likely loss of more properties there.

The possibility of tunnelling under the Colne Valley, to avoid the devastation the viaduct would cause, was completely ruled out and  we were informed that the viaduct itself would be moved closer towards Harefield and further into an SSSI (sites of special scientific interest).

Denham will have the shock of a 4 track overground section of the Heathrow Spur crossing Tilehouse Lane with a tunnel portal at Wyatts Covert to deal with.

After all these bombshells, Ruislip Against HS2 were braced for similar revelations at our forum last week. Sadly HS2 Ltd were not prepared to share very much new information with us and the majority of the meeting was spent with inexperienced junior staff telling us how little they ‘know.’

Perhaps because Ray Puddifoot, Leader of Hillingdon Council and MP John Randall were present, there was a reluctance to reveal the true details of what residents will have to face in Ruislip.

We were at least given an insight into the joys of tunnelling, with some pretty graphics! You can watch the video they used here.

We have been promised some new maps to share with the community but they have not materialised so in the meantime you can view a pdf of the one thing we have been given here. This is a representation of their latest plans for the West Ruislip tunnel portal.

They also showed maps with the tunnel portal and 4 track section that will be around Breakspear Rd which we have asked for. HS2 Ltd. made it clear that they do not want the wider community to see them yet but we explained that we are there to represent you and need copies of things to share.

They haven’t got much work done yet on the Northolt tunnel portal so they had nothing to share with us at all – so we have asked for that to be a priority for the next forum.

We have demanded more information and await a meeting date to discuss the impact of the Heathrow Spurs on extending the tunnel from West Ruislip through Ickenham. We will of course share any new details, if and when we manage to prise them out of these so called experts!

The Gazette were at the meeting and their article about it can be read here.

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