Compensation Consultation 2013

In early 2014 the government announced the outcome of the re-run of the compensation consultation. The main impact for Hillingdon is that the rural compensation line has been moved in to West Ruislip, this is good news but we feel that compensation is still inadequate.

what HS2 Ltd says

Lottie on ITV

Stop HS2 reaction


Due to losing a Judicial Review the government are now consulting (AGAIN!) on Compensation for Phase 1 of HS2.

Come to our event or drop ins and make sure you respond to the consultation by the 4th of December.

All previous responses DO NOT COUNT!

It is clear Londoners still end up in a much worse position than those just a few metres outside of London. This is unfair and discriminatory. To see how unfair the proposals may be, look at the table below (click here to download) which summarises our understanding of how the latest compensation proposals may apply to you.

table hs2For example: So if you live just a few metres away from HS2 in London, you will not be eligible for the Property Bond, whilst just a few miles out of London someone 120 metres from the route could get their house bought by the government!

Why these proposals for compensation are unfair:

1)       Those in urban areas get a raw deal. Despite 98% of respondents to a previous consultation supporting the Property Bond option, the government proposes London urban & suburban areas will NOT be eligible for it. So although a Property Bond is now included, Londoners are excluded!

2)       Properties above or near tunnels are not even included in this new consultation (although they may still reply).

3)       Residents in social housing are not included in this consultation either (although they may still reply)

4)       If you are unfortunate enough to be eligible for the Long Term Hardship Scheme’ you now have the added burden of trying to sell your home for 6 months instead of 3 months. And if you are rejected from the scheme there is NO APPEAL process proposed! (We also believe this scheme is not even available, at all, to homes near or above tunnels).

5)       No compensation for construction chaos and inconvenience.

6)       The government propose an Express Purchase Scheme for safeguarded surface properties in London – but in rural areas there are more favourable schemes (e.g. the Property Bond) as well. But homeowners with sub-surface safeguarding are NOT eligible for either of these schemes.

7)       Harefield is classed as urban for this compensation  – despite being comparable to villages and rural areas all along the route.

8)       For people in London who want to move, or need to move, but can’t purely because of HS2, there is STILL no guarantee that the government will assist them and keep the property market moving.

Remember if they can’t afford fair compensation then they can’t afford HS2!

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