17 key points to make or use our postcards!

All Q If HS2 really is in the national interest, individuals should not have to bear an unfair share of the cost of HS2 by suffering a loss in value of their property. I support the ‘polluter pays’ principle, so that the loss in property values due to HS2 should be a cost to the HS2 project
All Q People must be free to move or re-mortgage over the next 15+yrs, as they normally would. Your proposals don’t allow for this
All Q For people affected by both phase 1 and phase 2 of the HS2 e.g. in Ickenham, these proposals fail to account for the unique situation they face and offer no reassurance of fair and comprehensive compensation for the total impact of the project on those affected.
All Q It is unfair that there is no compensation for construction – disruption, losses, residential issues, impact on families etc.
Q1 Advanced purchase should be for all owners (not just owner-occupiers)
Q2 It’s unfair to have different compensation rules for rural and urban areas. It is not true that urban areas will be less affected. If HS2 causes a loss in property values the owner should be compensated. It is also unfair to treat rural areas e.g. Harefield, within the M25 as urban.
Q2, 4, 6 & 7 You are not keeping your Government’s promise to compensate everyone suffering a significant lossAll people and communities who suffer blight should be compensated. Voluntary purchase should be for the thousands of blighted properties that can prove they lose value due to HS2 – not just the few very near the line
Q2, 4 & 6 Compensation should be determined by loss in property value – not hardship scheme rules such as distance from the rail line, or hardship, or ignoring blight for properties with tunnels nearby or underneath. Moving costs and home loss payments should be covered too (as HS1 did)
Q3 Everyone should be eligible to sell and then rent their own property back
Q4 A loss of 15% in property value before anyone can even apply for compensation is too high
Q4 Rules like needing to have your property up for sale for a year before applying for compensation, are unfair
Q4 It’s not just home-owners who suffer for years while HS2 is built, but tenants, whole communities and small businesses too – yet they are not being compensated
Q6 If homes above or near to tunnels e.g. in Ruislip lose value and are blighted then they should be compensated and eligible for assistance too
Q7 Your proposals don’t properly address the needs of social housing tenants
Q7 The real costs to the community and people’s lives must be addressed and paid for by the HS2 project. HS2 Ltd should replace the homes it destroys and help long-term tenants
All Q Your process must be seen to be fair –and should include an independent appeals process
All Q I support the alternative solution to help prevent property blight endorsed by property professionals (including the Council of Mortgage Lenders, National Association of Estate Agents) known as the Property Bond. You should adopt this solution now

2 Responses to 17 key points to make or use our postcards!

  1. Lynn Charlton says:

    This country cannot afford this white elephant! No-one should have to endure the cost/disruption and loss of comfort in their home under the guise of progress. If we have to have this then give us MARKET VALUE for our homes. Would any of your cabinet tolerate this injustice..?? NO they have probably got lovely homes in the countryside that would never be subject to this fiasco! What is so important about Birmingham anyway – in truth it isn’t anything special, building this joyride wont make it important all you will see is we will still go to the other cities, you cant expect a train to make a differance-one or two already go there wont help if it gets there faster no matter how you dress this up it is a complete WASTE OF MY MONEY AND EVERYONE ELSE’S.

  2. Mr S Kearvell says:

    What an absolute nightmare! Our roads are a disgrace, craters, potholes everywhere, street lighting turned off?
    Flooded roads because drainage is outdated an inadequate, hospitals closing, police service being cut down, fire service being cut down, NHS struggling, and they want to spend £36 Billion on a railway that nobody wants??? What the hell is going on?

    We a just a small island, we don’t need any more eyesore cutting through what’s left of our country.

    This should be put to a nationwide vote, not inflicted on us by a dictatorship.

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