2015 news and updates

ADDITIONAL PROVISIONS AFFECTING HILLINGDON (October 2015) – potential changes to the route design, particularly in Ickenham and Harefield have been released for consultation. Please do take a look and make your thoughts / objections known via petitioning by the 23rd of October and also via your MP.

Details on petitioning are available here and do remember that many in the area have already petitioned and would be happy to help.

View the additional provisions here.

You can also read HS2’s response to the Select Committee on the area here.

Changes include the consideration of a haul road through Ickenham.

haul road cropped





SENIOR LABOUR FIGURES NOW POLITICIANS WHO HAVE VOTED AGAINST AND/OR QUESTIONED HS2 – Jeremy Corbyn has been vocal against HS2 and voted against it at one vote. Recent comments have been more worrying, and maybe he is being leant on a bit by those who believe it is of benefit to the North. With the latest Euston issues and further austerity maybe he will realise it isn’t “too late” to stop this train.

John McDonnell, Hayes and Harlington MP has been appointed Shadow Chancellor, and again has been vocal against HS2 fighting for his residents by asking questions in the House. He also understands the issues for the area including HOAC as well the real costs and compensation issues of mega infrastructure projects.

Tom Watson, voted Deputy Leader, has also questioned HS2 and been very sceptical.

Follow the Stop HS2 website for lots more news on these issues.

VIDEO OF HS2 ROUTE FINALLY RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC (JULY 2015) – you can watch it here and Hillingdon starts at around 11 minutes.

COLNE VALLEY TUNNEL EXTENSION REJECTED BY SELECT COMMITTEE (JULY 2015) – residents in the borough are devastated by the rejection of the extended tunnel. Since 2011 HS2 have failed to carry out a thorough fully costed tunnel comparison, the committee then rejected the tunnel as there wasn’t a convincing case. If HS2 had done the study the case would have had a chance to have been made. The impact for Ickenham, Harefield and HOAC is huge and it is important that we continue to make the case.

You can read the committee’s statement on this here.

NORTHOLT TUNNEL (IN RUISLIP) IS NOT AS DEEP AS WE WERE TOLD (1st JULY 2015) – residents in Ruislip are just finding out now that the tunnel in Ruislip is 8 to 15m higher up than we were led to believe. Most residents have believed that the tunnel was at a depth of 30m since 2012. This is what was said in the Environmental Statement. It has now transpired that the tunnel is actually about 22 to 23 metres deep. But due to errors and inconsistencies depending on which document, conversation, measurement we base it on the variance can be from 38 to 15 m deep which is really confusing.

The saddest thing is we have had a draft environmental statement consultation and events, a main environmental statement consultation, community forums and a range of other events including the recent petitioning stage at the select committee all with the community replying and engaging in relation to a tunnel at a completely different depth.

Read more here

Update – there has now been a meeting with HS2 which sadly raised more questions than it answered. We are chasing (yet again) for further answers, further clarification and so on.

PETITIONING FOR HILLINGDON FINISHED ON THE 1st JULY 2015 – you can watch  back here, thank you to everyone that petitioned including Hillingdon council, HOAC, Ickenham, South Ruislip and Ruislip Resident Associations, local schools, the chamber of commerce, councillors, Nick Hurd MP, Boris Johnson MP and a range of residents.

HILLINGDON AGAINST HS2 MET WITH BORIS JOHNSON AND NICK HURD MPs (June 12th) – to discuss HOAC, petitioning and all other HS2 issues.


FireShot Screen Capture #409 - 'HS2 works will blight Ruislip schools and roads for SIX months - Get West London' - www_getwestlondon_co_uk_news_west-london-news_hs2-works-blight-ruislip-schools-9424195

Pictures from the HS2 Select Committee visit to the area in January 2015:

the greenwayharefield marinabrackenbury houseHOAC