Report from Harvil Road ecological mitigation site visit

In late September 2018 community representatives visited the ‘habitat mitigation site’ on Harvil Road. This is one of three sites across the local area where HS2 early works contractors planted approximately 50,000, one year old saplings to help compensate for the loss of trees else where on the project.
Unfortunately HS2 Ltd.  allowed these trees to die during the hot summer as a decision was made to deliberately neglect them because  ‘it was not cost effective to water them’
We have been promised that the saplings will be removed and replaced with new planting – due from November this year.
HS2 Ltd. and contractors Fusion, have so far failed to confirm the additional costs of the loss of these trees or the replacement work.
At a recent meeting HS2 said the decision was due to evaporation and working hours. A short version is if they watered the trees during the day the water would evaporate, so they needed to water later outside of agreed working hours. They didn’t ask for permission for the working hours, which we all thought and clearly stated at the meeting was likely to have been agreed by local groups / local authority.
You can read more detailed site visit notes here
It was also reported in the national press