Our residents survey on HS2

In 2018 we ran a survey to see what the views of local residents are on HS2. We had just under 200 responses.

HS2 graph Q1and here are some of the things we found out:


We asked people to rate how useful they found different sources of information, what this told us was that lots of you find our website, facebook group and your Residents Associations good or excellent for finding information.

HS2’s own information sources, including events, had the most dissatisfaction with lots of scores of poor and very poor.

Less than 10% of respondents thought the main HS2 website is good or very good.

Only 14% of respondents thought the new HS2 in Hillingdon website (run by HS2) was good or very good. Approximately 60% of respondents were not aware of the website.

HS2 graph Q4

This suggests to us something that we have said to HS2 all along, residents need written, clear and up to date communications sent by post regularly. Use of and satisfaction with, online sources of information is low.

Despite this our own scores for online communications remain relatively high, showing that it can be done and work for residents.

The comments show people feel disillusioned with HS2 comms and feel they have to rely on local networks and sources to find things out.


Only 26% of respondents felt they were getting timely and accurate information about HS2 construction that may affect them.

HS2 graph Q5

From the comments it seems that people are glad to get specific information about this directly through their letterbox. However, overall there was a lot of distrust and lack of faith/disappointment in the information from HS2.

“Often very ambiguous and not updated enough. I need to call helpdesk for attempts to get clarity on info but they usually can’t help either….not much “joined up thinking” between helpdesk and HS2 own website. Look to local people who have had to become experts for better understanding”

“I feel completely in the dark”

 We asked people how they would like to be informed about construction and the most popular choice was events run by local groups, Residents Associations website and leaflets.

Nearly 90% of respondents are aware that early construction work has started and the comments showed just how concerned people are about the impacts already.

“already increase in congestion”

 “It has destroyed woodland and green spaces already. Appalling.”

Nearly 50% of respondents aren’t clear when construction will start, with others guessing at different dates.


Over 90% of respondents feel that HS2 construction will have an impact on their daily lives. With 70% fearing this impact will be major.

HS2 graph Q9

The comments showed a range of concerns particularly around traffic, noise and pollution.

“Excessive traffic disruption & disruption to businesses plus families losing their homes & the loss of countryside in return for an overpriced vanity project.”

 “Destruction of local green space. Loss of HOAC. Traffic nightmare for anyone using A40 and local roads. Oh and a total waste of money.”


We asked what community events you would be interested in, although there was lots of interest in getting involved, there was also a real sense that any kind of protest will now be wasted as the government is not listening.  A lot of people skipped this question which we can assume is down to the same feeling.

The most popular event choice was a community social event, so we have taken that on board and will arrange something if and when we can.

HS2 graph Q10