Breakspear Road South Closure 2019

Sent 16th May 2019:

Letter from London Borough of Hillingdon to HS2 Ltd re Fourth Closure of Breakspear Road South

Sent morning of 24th May 2019:

Letter from local groups regarding the failure of HS2 Community Engagement in Hillingdon

Received evening of 24th May 2019:

Response from the Stakeholder and Community Engagement Director, HS2 Ltd.:

“Dear Residents

We understand from many meetings with you that there has been a strong desire to defer the Breakspear Road South closure works until the summer holidays. HS2 strives to be a good neighbour every single day and work collaboratively with the local community. This has not been an easy decision. This has required careful consideration of the risks and benefits of deferring the works and the impact on the overall programme. I am pleased to inform you that as a result of these discussions we have decided to postpone the road closure until the end of the summer school term (July 19), avoiding the exam period. We will continue to engage with the utility companies to identify a new date for these works to be completed. We will keep you informed of these discussions.

I hope this demonstrates that we take our role in being a good neighbour seriously and have listened and responded to the needs of the community.

Please be aware it will take a few days for me to organise the removal of signage and update any communication materials we have made available about the closure.

With very kind regards”