Statement on HS2 Colne Valley Viaduct

HS2 Ltd. have released their ‘specimen design‘ of the Colne Valley Viaduct. img_9119

We have fought for many years to avoid the necessity of a HS2 viaduct across the Colne Valley but sadly the tunnel option through this part of Hillingdon was never approved by government.
During the petitioning process at both the House of Lords and the House of Commons, petitioners in Harefield were reassured that when it came to the design phase, the local community and residents would be able to have input and that there would be involvement with the designers and contractors.
Despite many requests this has never happened.
We have been aware that the design has been in existence since last summer. We also believe that HS2 Ltd. have been deliberately withholding the documents and we have been requesting the publication of the design for the last 6 months. After official complaints and intervention from a local MP we now have the draft design.
On the day of the release HS2 Ltd. implied on social media that the local community have had involvement in the design process. This is untrue and after complaints, the  statement was retracted and we had an apology from HS2 Ltd.
There was also a delay in uploading the full documents which can now be found here
HS2 Ltd. are insisting that the design is just a draft and that there will be an opportunity for local people to give their feedback.
We will be meeting with HS2 Ltd. in the coming weeks to discuss this further. We will be pressing for public events so that there will be an opportunity for you to get involved. We will keep you updated with our progress and dates and locations of any planned events which we expect to be later in the Spring.
25th Jan 2018.
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