Big blunder, big change, big apology, then… …nothing!

In short what has happened is

For 3 years HS2 have stated the Ruislip tunnel is 30m deep. On almost the last day Ruislipians of any kind were at the select committee and after nearly all of them had been heard, we realised that the tunnel depth had changed. Read more here

The next morning their QC made a statement on the issue – here is an extract:

“I’ve asked that that work be given the highest priority and the greatest
urgency, and we will report both to those petitioners and to any other petitioners who
have yet to be heard who are in a similar position, and also report back to the
Committee. We will also check that the settlement assessment which you’ll recall was
shown on the contour plans is correct. We believe it to be correct. We will also check
the ground-borne noise and vibration assessments. We believe those to be correct, but
we will double check that. We will offer to meet with the affected petitioners as soon as
possible and within the next fortnight in order to ensure that we have gone through any
concerns that they may have arising out of this unfortunate mistake”

Well apparently the highest priority and greatest urgency means –

  • sending people a letter about the one map that highlighted the problem, telling them whether their map was right or wrong, including a corrected map where it was wrong
  • confirming settlement and noise and vibration assessments are correct in said letter (but with no documentation or supporting evidence to reassure)
  • not fully replying on any other matters yet such as the ES
  • certainly no explanation of the change in tunnel depth
  • including a throwaway comment in the letter saying they would be happy to meet with you – but no actual attempt to arrange / move forward
  • no contact with the wider community, no use of social media to publicise the change
  • acting as if it is all about one map when it is about everything else – the map was just the clue that HS2 had massively changed the goalposts without telling anyone else

So another weekend of waiting and wondering…

Thanks HS2 and really not very reassuring that all the issues petitioners have been told them to trust them on will be dealt with in a timely or considerate manner.

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