Our view on Uxbridge and South Ruislip #GE2015 Hustings

10/04/15 Uxbridge parliamentary candidate hustings overview.

None of the candidates spoke about HS2 with any real local knowledge or detail of local issues.

Boris Johnson.(Cons) Thinks he’s the strongest candidate to mitigate HS2 in London more. Won’t support without a better plan for Euston, link to HS1 or an extended Northolt tunnel through Ickenham.

Mike Cox. (Lib Dem)Thinks route is wrong (though since he thought it went through Cotswolds a bit worrying!) Says route should follow M1 but is personally in strong favour of HS2 as well as following party line.

Graham Lee (Green) Thinks mitigation not enough, wants HS2 scrapped as per party policy. Thinks trains and platforms should be lengthened with improvements to WCML.

Jack Duffin (UKIP) Wants HS2 scrapped as per party policy. Would call for a referendum.

Chris Summers. (Labour) Would defy party policy and vote against. Would fight for better mitigation but wants HS2 scrapped and money spent on better NHS and Hillingdon Hospital.

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One Response to Our view on Uxbridge and South Ruislip #GE2015 Hustings

  1. Tiemotalk says:

    I thought it was a very good hustings overall with a lot of sense talked about a wide range of issues. Yes there were a variety of views for and against on HS2. I learnt that the estimated costs seem to have sky rocketed from around £32BN to £70-80BN. Extraordinary!!

    There was much more under discussion than HS2, such as Heathrow expansion, immigration, NHS, student grants and homelessness. I’ve covered most topics in my review.


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