Hillingdon urges caution on HS2 Heathrow spur comments

The council website published the following on the 11th of March 2015 –

hillingdon council imageIt is encouraging to hear that the Secretary of State for Transport stated yesterday that he recognised the level of concern from Hillingdon residents regarding the Heathrow Spur.
He said that it would now not be constructed as part of phase 1 or phase 2 of the HS2 scheme.
The Leader of Hillingdon Council, Cllr Ray Puddifoot, said: “We welcome the statement of intent from the Government that there is no appetite to pursue a High Speed rail connection to Heathrow. We hope this is a good indicator that a third runway at Heathrow will not happen. Furthermore, this just illustrates the concerns that there has never been a business case for the Heathrow spurs and that the case for HS2 has been eroded to the point of complete instability.”
Whilst this is encouraging news, the Leader of the Council has also urged caution and insists the fight continues.
He continued: “We would like to thank our MPs Nick Hurd and Sir John Randall, along with Dominic Grieve for all their support and hard work to solicit this admission from Patrick McLoughlin. However, we do not believe that the Secretary of State’s statement will remove the blight in the area.

“Unfortunately Phase 1 of HS2 still includes the junctions needed for any future connection to Heathrow and it is noticeable that Patrick McLoughlin has made no reference to these. Whilst the Hybrid Bill remains as currently proposed, the threat of a Heathrow Spur link does not go away and it allows for yet more Government u-turns.

“Hillingdon Council will therefore seek assurances that these junctions will be removed from the Hybrid Bill provisions.”

You can see our previous items on the HS2 spur here and here.

Also some clarification we have previously sought from HS2 Ltd. about whether residents affected by the Heathrow Spur plans can apply under the Exceptional Hardship Scheme. We asked the same question this week following this announcement. They still can.

You can also revisit details of the letter local MPs sent on this issue here and a recent(ish) viewpoint by Boris Johnson.

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