West Ruislip depot option explored for HS2 construction

A recent statement on the current work to find a solution for the devastation HS2 construction will cause to our area. The best solution remains the obvious one – a tunnel across the area.


“The London Borough of Hillingdon is working with TFL to determine the feasibility of extending the existing West Ruislip Rail Depot in order to significantly reduce the impacts of HS2 in the borough and across the Colne Valley. A depot extension would remove the need for HS2 Ltd to:

  • Create a temporary railhead in Ickenham in the Greenbelt
  • Dump excavated material on 100hectares of agricultural land and open countryside
  • Site a large construction compound (for 10 years) and concrete factory between Harvil Road and Breakspear Road South
  • Use locals roads for thousands of lorry movements
  • Run a 1.8km conveyor belt from Ruislip Golf Course to the temporary Ickenham Railhead

The proposed extended depot solution is in its infancy and the Council and TFL are investigating how it would be delivered with the least amount of impacts.

Its not ideal to have to choose between the devastating impacts of the current proposals and a potential depot extension. However, on balance the extended depot proposal has far fewer impacts and would present the least worst option for HS2 in the borough. Assuming a suitable proposal can be developed that will have minimal impacts to residents and the environment, the Council will be presenting the depot extension to the HS2 Select Committee as part of its petition to secure a more bearable scheme. ”

We await further details so residents can be sure of the potential impacts of this option.

For instance, noise to properties previously not affected, use of West End Road for transport access to depot etc. Also of course, the benefits of this option to properties and roads currently negatively affected.

If this is taken forward as the preferred option it does yet again raise the question – why did HS2 miss this option?

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