Insult to injury / Salt in the wounds – #HS2 Residents Commissioner

HS2 Ltd are recruiting for a Residents Commissioner, 6 months after they first announced the role! See the original factsheet here.

In that 6 months we are not aware of them undertaking any consultation with the 26 community forums, community or resident stakeholders or national groups representing the victims of the scheme, regarding the role.

The community forums have not been used or communicated with coherently for nearly a year – this seems a missed opportunity.

The fact it took them 6 months to get round to it shows it hasn’t been much of a priority this year.

This person will be well paid £590 a day and worryingly will report directly to HS2 Ltd.

Why any resident should feel reassured that someone working for the government / HS2 and paid by them, with no clear accountability to anyone else will be well paid to work 2 days a week puzzles us. And as always concerns us.

To top all of this off, HS2 Ltd have now been nominated for an award for the most interesting community engagement award, despite unilaterally disbanding community forums and failing to use them for suitable opportunities to help shape HS2. Ickenham Residents Association is also concerned stating:

“On behalf of Ickenham Residents Association I am appalled that HS2 Ltd would be considered for an award. Our experience of participating in their community forums was very bad. They would not engage on issues that were most important to us, there was misinformation, their notes on meetings did not reflect the actual discussions, they organised events in locations inconvenient to our residents and the final straw was that their final Environmental Statement contained major adverse effects which had not even be communicated at a forum meeting 2 months earlier. In our opinion they are a unbelievably high cost organisation not fit for purpose. ”

As usual no one is listening and we are all left to get on with it while HS2 present their tax funded slickness, without substance, to the world.

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