Join us at Parliament on Monday 28th of April

Stop HS2 has organised a demonstration on 28th to mark the day of the HS2 vote.  This will be taking place outside Parliament in Old Palace Yard between 12 and 2pm.  If you are free, we hope you will be able to support this event.   Please don’t rely on others to get your views across: this time it really counts!

FireShot Screen Capture #373 - 'Twitter _ stophs2_ Come and joins us, Monday 28th ___' - twitter_com_stophs2_status_458138549884162049Flier to download here

HS2 Action Alliance is asking you to come to meet your MP in person on that day because there is no better way of persuading MPs to vote against the HS2 Bill. MPs need to know their constituents feel strongly about HS2, why it is a flawed project and that they want it to be cancelled.

Discussing HS2 with your MP on April 28th could not be easier.  HS2 AA have booked a room in Parliament where campaigns team will be available to meet you and provide leaflets, advice and information on what to say to your MP. The room is booked between 12 and 8pm and you can drop in at any time.

Seeing your MP should not take longer than 20 minutes and could make a real difference to how they vote. MPs will not vote on the HS2 Bill until late in the evening so you have all day to drop in. Every constituent has a right to see their MP. There is a well established process for constituents in Parliament to meet with their MP and HS2 AA can provide all the details.

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