HS2 update – February 2014

Dear Supporters,

February marks the 3rd anniversary of the official formation of Ruislip Against HS2! A brief overview of our history:

Looking back over the years we believe we have made a massive difference to the plans for HS2 and the extent to which those plans will affect our communities. Soon after forming, we extended our action group to become Hillingdon Against HS2 –  to incorporate the concerns of the wider Hillingdon Borough and are supported by resident groups from South Ruislip, Ruislip Gardens, Ickenham and Harefield, whilst working closely with Hillingdon Council, who remain steadfast in their opposition to HS2.We have in turn always supported and worked with Stop HS2, HS2 Action Alliance and 51M. With your continued support we believe we will be able to put enough pressure on government to scrap HS2.

There are now just a few days left to respond to the Environmental Statement Consultation. After winning an extension to this consultation period in The House of Lords, we hope you will have made use of the extra time to make a full response. If not there is still time! The closing date is Thursday 27th February – though we urge you to get your response in now as there have often been problems with online submissions on the final day. See this page for more info.

Hillingdon Against HS2 will be making a detailed response on behalf of all residents shortly but we need as many residents as possible to be contributing.

There are lots of different ways to make your response. This consultation is open to every adult in the country so please make sure everyone who can, from your household, has contributed and then remind all your friends, family and neighbours!


Fill in your name and address on one of our free post cards which lists the main Hillingdon wide concerns – still available in all local libraries.

Use the official government website – https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/hs2-phase-one-environmental-statement

Simply send your list of comments and concerns to: HS2PhaseOneBillES@dialoguebydesign.com Remember to state it is your ‘official response’ to the consultation and which Community Forum Area it relates to; CFA5 – Northolt Corridor  CFA6 – South Ruislip – Ickenham CFA7 – Colne Valley – though you are not limited to just our local area, you are entitled to comment on any area or the whole route too.

HS2 Action Alliance have also produced a really easy response form which takes a few seconds to complete – please email it to family and friends and then share it on social media.


The more detail you can add in to your response the better – and the more businesses, schools, institutions, local groups you can persuade to contribute will really make a difference.

If, for instance, you are concerned about construction traffic, your route to work, school or access to local transport, medical services, loss of leisure activities, footpaths, flood plains etc. etc., please remember to be specific and name them.

If you believe you will be directly or even indirectly affected by the construction or running of HS2 in ANY WAY please make sure you respond.  If you do not respond to the consultation and later decide you would like to contribute to the petitioning process (which is a direct way of negotiating mitigation – should HS2 ever happen) your petition will hold less weight if you have not made a consultation response and highlighted your concerns. Many people have shied away from getting involved in the past as they have felt that ‘it probably won’t happen’ or ‘it’s too political’ or ‘enough others do it’- Please know this is your LAST CHANCE to make a difference.

North Ruislip Update

Recent comments from MP Nick Hurd (through Ruislip Resident association Newsletter, The Town Crier) have been particularly misleading in relation to the information detailed in the Environmental Statement.

To clarify  – Ickenham Road,Ruislip High Street, Bury Street and Ladygate Lane ARE STILL INTENDED TO BE USED FOR CONSTRUCTION HGV TRAFFIC FOR UP TO 10 YEARS.

This is by no means the full extent of the devastating problems to be caused by construction traffic through our communities. This route is still documented by HS2Ltd as having ‘major adverse impact’. The knock on effect is immeasurable when you consider the wider implications for instance on; Swakeley’s Road, West End Road, Victoria Road and the surrounding areas and access to the A40, Harrow, Northwood and beyond.

Ruislip Gardens Update

Whilst the Ruislip Gardens/ South Ruislip area – including West End Road, are not directly impacted by HS2 (as the plans here are for tunnelling) the surrounding areas will still be adversely affected by construction preparation work and are set to be disrupted on a major scale.

West End Road will undoubtedly bear the brunt of all the displaced traffic from Ickenham, Northolt, and South Ruislip but worse still, is likely to be closed for an unspecified period of time – along with Bridgewater Road and Long Drive.

ALL UTILITIES; sewers, water supplies, gas, electricity and telecom services need to be diverted ,protected or replaced before tunnelling begins. The implications of this will have enormous knock on effects to the local area. Please consider the impact on access to The Ruislip Garden’s Estate, Ruislip Garden’s Primary School, Ruislip High School, Ruislip Garden’s Station, RAF Northolt, New Pond Parade shops, Sainsbury’s, South Ruislip Station….

Ickenham/ Harefield Update

As the tunnel portal emerges at West Ruislip, Ickenham will become unrecognisable as the village it is today. Thousands of daily HGV lorry movements, for up to 10 years, are planned. Many properties, including farms, homes and businesses will be compulsory purchased to make way for dumping grounds, construction sites, worker’s compounds and a temporary railhead to move millions of tonnes of excavated soil.

The Colne Valley will be changed for ever with the loss of H.O.A.C, fishing lakes, and the surrounding landscape being decimated by construction sites, concrete making factories, electricity pylons being moved and road diversions and ultimately a vast viaduct across the lakes.

 However you choose to respond to the consultation PLEASE make sure you do – and make your opinion count! 

 What happens next?

HAHS2 will continue to fight for HS2 to be stopped in its entirety but in the background we will also be campaigning to make sure that if it ever happens we have secured the best mitigation and compensation possible for our communities.

We will be seeking legal advice on how to move forward with the petitioning process. If anyone feels they are directly affected by HS2 and would be interested in getting involved please contact us info@hillingdon-against-hs2.com

More information about petitioning can be found HERE and we will be holding future events to help co-ordinate individual petitions.


We are extremely grateful to everyone who has made any financial contribution to our campaign. Our recent fundraising event at West Ruislip’s Comedy Bunker was a huge success and provided some much needed light relief!! – Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket and came along! We saw 4 great comedians, laughed all night and sold the most ever tickets for a fundraising event. Thank you to the Comedy Bunker for their help coordinating the event.  bunker

 Once again, many thanks for your continued interest and support,

Ruislip and Hillingdon Against HS2

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