September bits and bobs

There is so much going on – we’re sure you have seen the wide variety of the media and expert criticism of HS2 that has been pretty constant throughout summer. For some lighthearted comedy click here.

Not at all funny is that HS2 have just informed the area that more land is required for the project in Hillingdon. Properties that have never been affected are being contacted for the first time at the moment. The Gazette, the Sunday Times, BBC London and others have all reported on this. Read the comprehensive article in the Gazette here.

The long awaited re-run of the Compensation Consultation has been announced, Hillingdon against HS2 will be holding an information event on the 14th of October at Ruislip Rugby Club. HS2 Ltd will be holding their roadshow at the Barn Hotel on the same date. You have until December to reply and reply you must as the government is proposing that urban areas will be eligible for less compensation than rural areas. They are also planning to exclude tunnelled areas from this process.

Apart from planning this event we have been and will be busy meeting politicians, attending party conferences, community forums, appearing on TV and radio and starting preparation for the hybrid bill later this year.

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