Latest HS2 News in Hillingdon

Here is an update of all that has been going on lately. It is hard to cover everything as there has been so much chaos and confusion thanks to HS2 Ltd.

What you need to know –

Firstly – 2 consultations have been launched by HS2 Ltd – one about the Environmental aspects of the scheme – find out more here

There is also one about Design Refinements to the scheme – find out more here

The more people that reply, particularly to the Draft Enviromental Statement the better as it is really important that you make sure your voice is heard. The environmental impacts of the scheme are massive especially in Ickenham, Harefield, north and west Ruislip and around the ventilation shaft site in south Ruislip. The extent of traffic chaos, disruption, dust, land take, road closures and loss of green spaces is hard to quantify but this is on a scale that most people cannot comprehend. For instance around Harefield and Harvil Road, HOAC is likely to be lost as the building in Dews lane and 3 HOAc outbuildings are demolished and piers are built into the lake , a massive viaduct constructed and National Grid pylons re-sited. Nearby  an electricity substation will be established. In Ickenham there will be 800 extra (or maybe 1600, as documents so unclear) lorry movements a day on Ickenham Road alone. There will be construction sites all over the place  and a concrete tunnel segment production site in Ickenham. You can read some selected extracts here.

To find out more you can call HS2 to order paper documents, you can visit South Ruislip, Ickenham or Harefield libraries to see the documents. Ideally you would be able to attend a consultation event but you may be aware that disappointingly HS2 Ltd wrote to residents very last minute, or too late meaning that hardly anyone attended the only Hillingdon event on the 23rd of May. You can read an account of the event here.

As a rather inconvenient alternative they are putting on a shuttle bus to the Perivale event from the West Ruislip golf course on the 17th of June and having the maps and relevant staff at that event (we think they would have been there anyway). As 4000 people attended the 2011 roadshow maybe they hoped that wouldn’t happen again! For Harefield and the Colne Valley there is an event in Denham on the 21st of June. Details on these events can be found here

We will be holding information events – we expect the first to be on the 17th of June at Ruislip Golf Club and the second to be later in June in Harefield. We are finalising the details so watch this space.

We plan to help you respond to the consultation and will be distributing postcards – if you want to ensure you get some postcards you can email or pop along to our event on the 17th or our Harefield event. We will also be able to email a pdf file to you and put it on the website. We are just working on the content at the moment. Final details to be confirmed.

Finally we urge all of you to put some real pressure on your MP – a Paving bill to release cash for HS2 to spend more money more quickly needs to be stopped and local MPs cannot represent our communities and vote for this bill. You can find out more by reading this. Please write to or email your MP and encourage friends and neighbours to do the same.

Published – 1st June 2013

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