Land Interest Letters – April 2013

If you have received a chaser letter about land interest issues this page is for you!

Please write to John Randall / Nick Hurd and let them know how disgusted you are with HS2 and the tone of these letters.  Please also write an official complaint to Alison Munro, Chief Executive of HS2. Every time we raise such issues, HS2 say “no one has officially complained” so it is time we all started complaining more – a short letter or email will do.

We have taken advice and the advice continues to be that there is no obligation to complete these forms and we believe no resident should feel they have to complete such a form.

Our experience of the enquiries team, Terra Quest and the HS2 community engagement team in relation to these letters has not been particularly helpful or well informed and we would not advise residents to spend their precious time assisting HS2 if they do not want to.

We think the tone of the reminder letter and the stamp on the envelope were designed to scare residents into completing the forms rather than asking politely for resident’s assistance. HS2 could have chosen to write the letters in a different tone and they could have informed community groups and residents associations in advance so they were expected by local residents – we asked them to communicate with us in future after the December letters were so poorly handled, and they did not this time. HS2 have recently cancelled the April and future community forums so we have no opportunity to discuss such issues with them at present.

We are not aware of any benefit to residents of completing these forms, it is up to HS2 to get the information and to get it right. If the letter sent to your property was incorrectly addressed then you may want to discuss this with them as this does suggest their records are wrong and you may want reassurance they correct this. Generally we believe any completion of forms is for their benefit not yours.

If you want to complete the forms you may be allowed £250 costs paid by HS2, for assistance from a professionally qualified specialist, but you will have to contact HS2’s agent Terra Quest (details on the letter) for this to be approved. You will note that they did not advertise this, and therefore this suggests they would prefer not to assist you in this way. Therefore you may decide it is less stressful, and less time consuming not to complete the form at all. If you do ask for assistance please let us know how it went.

Our previous advice and detailed legal advice from December can be found here.



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