Hillingdon Residents have their say on HS2

Thank you for the time and effort many of you put into responding to our survey. Here is a summary of the results:

Question 1 – Are you a resident of Hillingdon?

88% of respondents were from Hillingdon

Question 2 – What is your biggest concern about HS2 on a national level?

98.8% of respondents to this question wrote about their concerns including:

  • The lack of need for the project
  • The environmental costs
  • The impact on the local area / blight / construction
  • The cost / business case
  • Better options for public money including other  transport priorities

Question 3 – What local impact worries you most about HS2?                             We asked you to rate 15 areas in order of priority, taking into account the commonly chosen options for your top 3, the top 10 was:

1)      Affect on general area
2)      Blight/Compensation
3)      Loss of local facilities – e.g. green spaces

4)      Noise and Vibration

5)      Traffic chaos/road closures

6)      Construction sites/depots

7)      Lack of opposition from local MPs

8)      Loss of your home/business
9)      HOAC (Hillingdon Outdoor Activities Centre)
10)   Harefield Dogs Trust

 Question 4 – What kind of information about HS2 are you most interested in?

 A wide range of ideas and areas were raised, we will try to add more information to the website on specific areas you requested.

Some samples of the kinds of information you are interested in include-

Technical;                                                                                                                              “How they are costing the as yet unresolved engineering issues: Raleigh waves; ground bourne vibration/noise; pantograph noise; the current inappropriate height of sound barriers; the proposed traffic density, excessive wheel & track wear due the very high speeds; etc.

What current plans and options are;                                                                          “Triumphs and defeats and what is now set in stone”                                            “Suggestions as to what action best of local people to take to stop it”                         “How it will affect the local area and progress on how the campaign against HS2 is progressing.”                                                                                                                        “Up to date maps and plans showing the development.”

Some of these areas are covered to some extent on our website, information we share with the Gazette and facebook updates, in coming months we will add more as and when we can. Contributors also very welcome!

Question 5 – Your top 3 sources of information are:

1)      Hillingdon and Ruislip Against HS2 websites

2)      Stop HS2 website

3)      The Gazette newspaper

We will continue to work on getting the best quality timely information to you through these sources. We would however, encourage anyone who can to join our facebook group. We will be attempting to leaflet as many of you as we can regarding the new consultations and are grateful to those of you who have volunteered to help leaflet your roads. We always need more help.

Question 6 – Are you happy with the amount of email new-letters from Ruislip/Hillingdon Against HS2?

The majority (2/3) of you are happy and we will continue in a similar fashion.

1/3 wanted more so thank you for that!

Question 7 – What information would you like to see added to our website www.hillingdon-against-hs2.com?

 The majority of answers wanted more information about local politicians and what they are doing to fight HS2 – we will pass this on to them and share any updates we receive in future.

We have taken on board the other comments and will consider adding more information when we have time as in line with question 4.

Thank you for all the compliments and positive comments about the website we are very grateful.

Question 8 – We are planning future events which of the following would you be most interested in?

The majority would like a Q&A session with MPs.

We will pass on this information on your behalf.

The majority of you would also like public meetings and information days. We have raised this with HS2 who are currently unwilling to provide a public meeting for Ruislip and Ickenham as we are too challenging (?).  We will hold an information day again for you but currently our efforts are focussed on community forums and the compensation consultation. If you would like to see us sooner we are at some community events and will be present during the HS2 Consultation Roadshow at Winston Churchill Hall on the 3rd of December.

Watch this space for a future information day/public meeting!

Meanwhile do attend your MPs surgeries with your questions and write to them frequently so they can raise your issues.

Question 9 – What issues of concern would you like us to raise at the HS2 community forums?

You raised a variety of issues that we will now raise on your behalf at the community forums including specific properties, construction, spoil, disruption, the Heathrow Spur etc.

Some issues you raised are outside the remit of the community forums such as the cost and need of the project. We will raise these too anyway we can but would ask that you continue to raise these via your MPs. Thank you very much!

Again thank you for your praise of our work on your behalf – we really are grateful.

Question 10 – Any further comments

Thank you for your wide range of answers, thanks and offers of help.

We will in touch with those of you who provided contact details.

Again the issues we can raise on your behalf we will, but do keep raising your concerns with MPs and asking friends and family from other areas to do the same.

Final note:

98.7% of respondents were against HS2, due to this and our groups aims we are not reporting or passing on the minimal pro-HS2 comments.

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