Hanger Lane Gyratory Fears & Protest

There are fears that closure and rebuilding of the Hanger Lane Gyratory will wreak havoc across West London for up to 7 years, HS2 will need to rebuild 18 bridges across the London borough of Ealing as well. It would be far better all round to tunnel HS2 through densely populated areas.

To add insult to injury, HS2 Ltd. when selling the project, fail to take into account any costs of business disruption, lost hours to travelling and so on of the construction.

Join our fellow HS2 campaigners in Ealing on Friday for a demo at Hanger Lane from 7.30 to 19.30. Details here.

BBC London covered the story this week – watch here.

LBC Radio covered it with our Chair speaking live – listen here.

Hillingdon and Ruislip Against HS2 have been worried about this since they started campaigning in early 2011. Last February we wrote to HS2 using Freedom of Information to get this response:

Please provide me with full details of the full economic appraisal which compared the overground and tunnelling options for this section of the line including most specifically the economic appraisal of the disruption at the Hanger Lane Gyratory.

The answer – March 1st 2011

 There is a £30million provision in the cost model for the rebuilding of Hanger Lane. However, with respect to the economic appraisal of any disruption in the Hanger Lane area, no detailed work has been undertaken yet.

We also wrote to TfL and got this response:

Thank you very much for your correspondence seeking clarification on the operational impact of the HS2 route alignment on the Central Line operation.

 The Mayor believes a national high speed rail network has the potential to be transformational in the benefits it delivers for London and the UK, through improved journey times and enhanced connectivity as well as capacity released on several existing radial routes. The Mayor supports an intermediate station in west London, allowing interchange with Crossrail, allowing large swathes of west London excellent access to HS2 services, as well as helping to disperse HS2 passengers onto Crossrail.

 The Mayor is well informed of the HS2 proposals and through Transport for London (TfL), there is a close working with the HS2 project team to ensure the benefits of high speed rail are fully maximised for London. Clearly a project of such scale will have impacts on the operation of existing services and the Mayor is keen to ensure that disruption caused to TfL services are kept to a minimum.

 As you suggest, the Hanger Lane to West Ruislip section of Central Line may be affected by the construction of HS2 along the Northolt corridor. However, TfL does not anticipate the level of disruption to be significant. The Central line corridor runs to the south of the planned HS2 alignment, completely separate to the proposed HS2 alignment, and, as such, TfL do not expect widespread disruption to Central line services. In addition, residents of Ruislip have alternative options other than the Central line – Piccadilly and Metropolitan line services will be unaffected by the HS2 proposals, with both providing direct links to central London.

 However, it is too early to understand the impact in detail, and TfL will continue to liaise with the HS2 project team to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum. A construction methodology will ultimately need to be produced by the HS2 team, and TfL will provide input to this at an appropriate time – this input will consider the issues you raise.

 Any disruption that does result will be mitigated through an appropriate contingency plan, with replacement services running where necessary.

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