Mayoral candidates and HS2

Remember you can email the candidates via in 2 mins!

What do the Mayoral Candidates say about HS2 (quotes as published by the Gazette this week):

SIOBHAN BENITA  – INDEPENDENT – Never visited or replied

“In principle I can see the real benefits from HS2,it’s an opportunity to transform the rail network in this country. However my concern is to ensure that everything is done to minimise the impact of the build upon local residents. It’s not fair residents should bear the brunt of the build while the rest of the country enjoys the benefits.I would lobby to ensure as much of HS2 goes through tunnels as is possible.”

In favour of third runway

CARLOS CORTIGLIA   – BNP – Never visited (we would not contact BNP)

”I’m still gathering information regarding the impact that such a project would have taking into account that it would require compulsory purchases.”

Would oppose a third runway.

BORIS JOHNSON  – CONSERVATIVE – visited twice and local GLA candidate Richard Barnes has visited more often

”I have visited Ruislip twice in the last year to voice my disapproval of the scheme.I am by far the best candidate to push for the changes to HS2.We have already succeeded in getting a tunnel extended and now we have to look carefully at the business case for it. If we are going to go ahead there will have to be substantial mitigation measures in place and a real solution to having HS2 at Euston.”

Resolutely against a third runway

 JENNY JONES – GREEN – has offered support and visited affected Ealing residents

”HS2 is a terrible idea,a waste of money,unpopular and should be stopped.Residents and other opponents to the scheme are right to feel aggrieved over having their opinions – and quality of life – ignored.many people will be forced to move from their homes to make way for HS2,and the government seems intent on persuing the project despite the substantial human,financial and environmental cost.”

Opposed to any expansion of Heathrow.

KEN LIVINGSTONE  – LABOUR – offered to meet us / local GLA candidate has visited 

”I have a much better chance of stopping HS2 because I would take the government to court and Boris wouldn’t.”

Opposed to a third runway.

BRIAN PADDICK   –  LIB DEM came to meet us, as did GLA candidate

” I’m in favour of High Speed Rail in principle as it could address capacity issues.increase rail freight opportunities and create easier access for regional business.However I have concerns about the distance and depths of tunnels, the demolition of homes and lack of engagement and dialogue from HS2 Ltd.”

Opposed to further expansion at Heathrow.

LAWRENCE WEBB  – UKIP came to meet us, as did GLA candidate

”HS2 is a daft expensive idea with no real benefits,particularly to the people of Hillingdon,but also elsewhere in London and other parts of the route that it goes through.”

Against any expansion at Heathrow.


Boris’s campaign manager also sent us this message as some of your emails had not got directly through to Boris’s campaign team. They are getting through now so email away!

“To Ruislip Against HS2,
 I understand that emails regarding the impact of HS2 on Ruislip & Ickenham have been sent to the Mayor’s email account at City Hall. During this election period, they will not be dealt with by the GLA officials as they must be seen to be neutral.  Therefore, on behalf of the Back Boris 2012 campaign, I trust that the following will reassure all residents in Hillingdon that Boris does understand the real concerns regarding HS2, and that his working relationship with Cllr Ray Puddifoot means that this issue is not forgotten.
 As you will know, Boris was instrumental in persuading the Secretary of State for Transport to accept the need for the Ruislip tunnel as a minimum. Boris remains the only candidate that has visited those houses which were most impacted by the proposals, and remains the best placed candidate to carry on the argument within Government about this scheme, especially in view of the weakened business case.
Lynton Crosby
BackBoris2012 – Campaign Director”
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