Hillingdon Against HS2’s Big Thank You

We had a fantastic HS2 information event on Friday at the Days Inn Hotel Ruislip with around 200 residents attending. So many people and organisations made it happen:

  • Thank you to volunteers from the Hillingdon, Harefield, North Ealing and Ruislip Against HS2 groups, Ickenham Residents Association and Val Beale and Ian Thynne from Hillingdon Council.
  • Thank you to John Randall MP and the Mayor of Hillingdon for attending as our special guests.
  • Thank you to Kaye from HOAC for attending and sharing information about HS2 and it’s effects on HOAC.
  • Thank you to Met One for producing and printing so quickly so many high quality resources.
  • Thank you to Days Inn Hotel for continuing to support our efforts and letting us have the room and refreshments for free.
  • Thank you to Frank Partridge from Denham Against HS2 for the slideshow that so many watched and benefitted from.
  • Thank you to Joe Rukin from Stop HS2

And finally thank you to all the residents, Residents Associations, local councillors and politicians who attended and have shown yet again that Hillingdon is still against HS2!

We hope you found our displays on HS2, tunnels, compensation and the detailed maps useful and informative and we are really grateful for your continued support.

Best Regards

Keri Brennan and Lottie Jones

Chairs – Hillingdon Against HS2 / Ruislip Against HS2


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