What’s next for Hillingdon

Since the announcement on HS2 by Justine Greening,there appears to be a lot of confusion and mixed reactions to the news.
Many of you are still unclear about the implications for our local area and community.
The Government would like us to believe that HS2 is going ahead – it would suit them very well if protesters gave up and accepted their plans.
There are still many stages to the process of this project before any work can start and a great deal of opportunities for us to stop them in their tracks!
HS2 is not a done deal!
Part of the route is now planned to be tunnelled underneath Ruislip which should be a great relief to the people who’s homes were set to be demolished and over 400 homes,businesses and schools that would have experienced noise and disruption.
However this does not mean that the threat from HS2 has gone from our lives.In reality the problem has been moved around with different and new areas possibly affected.
For instance,roads around West Ruislip and South Ruislip will be particularly at risk of major disruption from construction noise and major traffic upheaval.We have yet to fully understand the implications of the ‘ Vent Shaft ‘ near to Victoria Road.Ickenham and Harefield face the ongoing problem of a surface route.
Hillingdon Against HS2 are planning some ‘Information Days’ and public meetings to help residents understand what these impacts  might mean .We would urge you to come along to any or all of the events below to learn more about the affects of HS2 on us all and what we can do to help STOP HS2 We will have information to cover all areas at each meeting.

We hope to be able to share up to date maps and plans with information and knowledge that we have gathered and researched for you.We also expect our local MPs John Randall and Nick Hurd to be attending along with some local Councillors.
(Advice and information, refreshments available)
HAREFIELD      –    SATURDAY     25TH FEBRUARY   –   STMARY’S CHURCH  HALL  – 10.30AM – 12.00 Noon.
(Chaired public meeting Q&A with M.P Nick Hurd)
RUISLIP            –    FRIDAY            2ND MARCH         –   DAYS INN HOTEL                –  2PM – 7PM
(Advice and information,M.PJohn Randall present between 2pm -3pm, refreshments available.)
What Else Can You Do To Help?
Keep writing, Keep Fighting! – this really is the most effective step forward but we have a new set of people to write to!
As you may know the London Mayoral Elections are coming up and this year we are expecting quite a fierce fight between candidates.
We need them all to know that HS2 is a serious London issue, whilst Hillingdon Against HS2 have no affiliation with any political party,our message to the vote seekers is
Boris Johnson     Conservative    mayor@london.gov.uk 
Ken Livingstone   Labour             http://www.kenlivingstone.com/tell

Brian Paddick      Lib Dem          http://www.brianpaddick.com/Contact

Jenny Jones        Green Party    jenny.jones@london.gov.uk

Lawrence Webb   UKIP              lawrencejwebb@btinternet.com
Hillingdon Against HS2 have already met with Boris Johnson,Ken Livingstone and Lawrence Webb to make our position on HS2 clear.We have plans to meet with Brian Paddick and hope Jenny Jones will be next!Please write to all or any of the candidates and let them know that stopping HS2 is major priority.

We always appreciate any offers of help with the campaign so if you are able to help us spread our message and would like to volunteer to deliver leaflets or have a Gibbs Gillespe sponsored board outside your property please contact us at our email address at the top of the newsletter.
Don’t forget the on online e-petition if you haven’t already signed it (send the link to others if you have!)
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