5 minutes to save £32 billion…

…and not a Superhero in sight!
Some clever like-minded people have developed an excellent new website that will look up an MP just from your postcode, create and even send a letter for you!

It couldn’t be easier and only takes a few seconds! Please use and forward this link to everyone you know: http://www.highspeedrail.org.ukThe trick with this is people all over the country need to wake up to HS2, they need to tell their MP that this is something they do not want to the government to do.

Particularly those who are not along the route.  This is the easy way to get them to do it. We really feel for those poor people along stage 2 of the Y route who don’t know yet that their communities face devastation. So if you know anyone in Staffordshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire or South Manchester  let them know and get them to use this new website too.
This can be achieved on a large scale if all our friends, family and colleagues can be persuaded  to write to their local MPs too.
Everyone will be paying for this so everyone has the right to an opinion!!
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