Latest Newsletter May 26th

Dear Supporters,

It has been a busy couple of weeks for Ruislip Against HS2 and the ongoing campaign.
Both Boris Johnson (Mayor of London) and Ken Livingstone (Labour candidate for Mayoral election 2012) have visited Ruislip, on different days, and both made statements to say they are against the proposed HS2 route through Hillingdon.
Whilst both statements are very helpful in supporting our concerns and creating media interest ,we must be mindful that we are fighting to STOP HS2 and not simply to move it into the path of other people’s lives.
Denham have had their ‘alternative’ roadshow as they were not honoured with their own official one.It was great to meet more of the campaigners in Denham and also to meet members of the Harefield Action Group.We very much look forward to working more closely with them in the future.
The Ruislip Woods Festival was a great day at Ruislip Lido and our stand was very busy.
Many thanks to everyone who came to introduce themselves, sign the petition and show support.
We also attended the Amersham Roadshow last week.We have a never ending supply of questions to put to The DFT and staff of HS2 Ltd but for some reason they weren’t overly pleased to see us!
However we did meet up with more of our fellow campaigners from The Chilterns to show our support,share news and ideas.
Last week ended with an HS2 Stakeholder meeting at The Department of Transport offices in Victoria. There were various members of Hillingdon Council present along with representatives from other Action groups within Hillingdon.We spent the afternoon trying to get more detailed answers to all the questions that we, and many of you, are still asking.
Unfortunately no more detail was forthcoming – despite a couple of hours of very heated discussion!
It wasn’t a totally wasted exercise as it was a good opportunity for us to represent the major concerns of so many residents.
We made it clear that the level of local detail is totally inadequate,in places inaccurate.
We left the meeting even more determined to continue our campaign and to fight for our Community.We hope to do that by working even more closely with Hillingdon Council,other Action Groups and with your support.
What is absolutely crucial is that everybody responds to the consultation.There are 7 questions to answer. It can be done on line or by using a paper copy of the questions. You may also answer in the form of a letter or essay and putting as many of your views forward as you can.
If you have already responded,please make sure every adult in your household has too.Encourage everyone you know to take the time to respond. It is vital that we get as many responses in as possible, nag your neighbours,family and friends! It is especially important that people respond who do not live along the proposed route.
Be aware that the response postcard you may have received in The Hillingdon People 
IS NOT your consultation response.This is a separate poll being carried out by the Council. Please make sure you return it though!
                                                   THANK YOU!

We would like to thank GIBBS GILLESPE Estate Agents for their financial support.
They will be sponsoring some new boards and banners for  Ruislip Against HS2 in the next week or so.We hope to have a good visual presence around Ruislip and Ickenham.

If you are able to have a board up at your home or property please contact
Christine Leonard 


Our new look website is now up and running – we hope that you will find it easy to use and informative.
We will be adding much more to it in the coming weeks and hope that you will use it regularly.


Don’t forget to keep up with other news and events by visiting our Facebook page.
and our regular Blogger at
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Thanks also to those of you who are sharing your written responses from HS2Ltd / DFT and MP’s. We are still compiling information and it’s all very useful to us so keep it coming!
Once again, many thanks for your continued support and interest.
Best wishes
Ruislip Against HS2
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