Councils form 51m Group to challenge HS2

Thirteen councils have joined forces to challenge the HS2 proposals. They are called 51m because each parliamentary constituency will pay £51million towards HS2.

The image on their website really emphasises how ugly the HS2 line would be as it passes through residential areas.

Please look at their website and get involved on f acebook and twitter.

The 51m position statement

Each of the councils has signed up to the following position statement:

“The authorities along the route have come together to oppose the proposals for High Speed Rail as they are currently proposed.

We do not believe that the business case stacks up and therefore cannot support the route suggested by Government and are actively working on a plan to strongly object to the proposals.

We are opposed to the current High Speed rail proposals as they are presently outlined and do not believe that they are in the best interests of the UK as a whole in terms of the benefits claimed in the business case.

We are not opposed to the need for higher speed rail per se and fully acknowledge the need for strategic improvement to the national rail infrastructure but cannot agree with the current proposals as the economic and environmental benefits are not at all credible.

We do not believe that all the other alternatives to achieve the transport capacity, regeneration and environmental benefits have been fully explored by the Government and with in excess of £30billion proposed to be invested, we owe it to the nation to ensure these are fully explored.”

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