Why you should care about HS2

* Because construction of the new tracks, viaducts, sub stations and work access areas will severely disrupt your community.

* When built, the route will transport 36 trains per hour travelling at speeds up to 250 kph generating major noise pollution and vibration disturbance.

* Potentially local schools will be adversely impacted – Ruislip High School, Ruislip Gardens Primary, Sacred Heart Primary and Breakspear Primary.

* The value of your property is likely to fall and homes will be demolished.

* New and reconstructed rail bridges at Hanger Lane Gyratory, South Ruislip Station, Bridgewater Road, Ruislip Gardens Station, West Ruislip Station, over the river Pinn and Breakspear Road causing possible road closures and traffic chaos throughout Ruislip and Ickenham.

* Potential disruption to Central and Chiltern Line tube and train services during construction period.

* Loss of local leisure facilities at West Ruislip Golf Centre. HOAC in Harefield and local parks spoiled.

* Risk of disruption for shoppers at Sainsbury in South Ruislip and the disruption of our civic amenity site.

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One Response to Why you should care about HS2

  1. Angie Rymer says:

    HOAC is currently an area of unspoilt beauty and needs protecting as such. I can liken it to a lake I was experienced skilled and qualified enough to go to in USA in Pensylvania teaching canoeing in the eigthies. An experience that wouldnt have been achievable without the local canoe club in Ealing providing weekly sessions on the canal and before that at the Welsh Harp Brent Where I took many qualifications and trips too from childhood.

    A little piece of tranquility in an otherwise busy borough of greater london. I walked all around the lake on bank holiday monday seeing just a handful of people quite rare for Hillingdon. I also enjoyed canoeing with my son who lives with his father at the moment as i have fragile health. Fragile health that demands peace and quiet moments through the week in harmony with nature achieved walking by the canal at a slow pace of life and at HOAC walking and canoeing.

    There arent many other specialist water sports areas in london and it would be devastating to the neighbourhood to lose this facility to HS2. Currently I understand HOAC reaches out to many local community groups scouts included. There is an opportunity to camp at HOAC which brings nature to the foreground for young people. Which teaches respect and appreciation of the environment and also to other people.

    As Hillingdon is a multicultural society HOAC is an ideal venue to share water skills and learn team building, breaking down barriers in communications using the common language of safety near watersports and landsports respectively.

    Please reply with the latest development. I gather a main rail route like this between two busy cities attracts more people to the biggest city ie London, its already hard enough to find work in London why make it impossible.

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